Monday, February 18, 2008

He Was a Friend of Mine

Man I didn't write nothin' in my ding dang blog for days! Why not? Because I was busy! Goin' to potlucks (I made cornbread with hot and sweet peppers in there, and coconut rice with scallions and mushrooms and lime-braised cashews- all pretty tasty!) and keggers and slow dance parties! Oh, also, before that I had papers and finals, but that's why I had to party extra hard this weekend. I feel pretty good about everything, especially the cooking. Also, I made a hat that has headphones built into it. Hooray!
Right now I'm listening to Dave Van Ronk & Ramblin' Jack Elliot's "St. James Infirmary," which is especially good- I've gotten interested in DVR since I realized that he basically looks like me. The good thing is is that I'm guaranteed to look like this before I die:

What else is new...still reading Kentucky Ham, and I've sort of written a song for the band about it. Going to New York and Kentucky next week, which promises to be awesome.
Oh! The slow dance party! It was at Cagibi and pretty awesome and I've got a dancecard with all of the songs listed- so I'm going to post the videos below, you can pretend to have been me, tonight.


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