Friday, February 08, 2008

Body Breaks

The show last night went well in spite of All The Problems, which I think is probably the best way it could have gone- going on an hour and a half late, weird soundsystem, not doing a level check, my lap steel going hilariously out of tune and not being able to use one of the strings...Anyway, yeah, it was really fun despite getting home at 3 am to a really pissed off cat (I forgot to feed her before going out). However, because I am an old man, my entire body is killing me today. And it's not like I was doing windmill kicks on the stage that couldn't fit the entire band (now named Rusty Horse Band, apparently)- I've just got waaaay too much muscle tension. It's gotten to where I can hardly take notes, because my shoulder is just totally froze up. Tomorrow I'm going to the exceedingly ridiculous Ovarium for a "deep tissue" massage, which I hope is masseuse code for "slamming pints of horse tranqs directly into your trapezius muscles."
STEPS is done, printed and directly behind me, piled up in boxes. I'll probably carry out some today and try to get a meeting set up where editors take armfuls for distribution. Then maybe bandtymes watching awesomely bad kung fu at my apartment, passing out, the massages.
I really want to try their, uh, ovums? The sensory deprivation chambers that the Ovarium offers, but I'm afraid it'll end up just like Altered States. AGAIN.

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