Sunday, February 03, 2008

Are You the Favourite Person of Anybody?


I saw this a few years back on the Wholphin DVD that came with the Believer and liked it, not knowing who Miranda July or John Reilly were. It's still a line I like a lot. Also, oranges.

I got really into Colleen after reading an interview with her in Ptolemaic Terrascope, possibly the dorkiest/best magazine ever. Very, very amazing footage.
Weekend has been fine, parties attended, sambas danced to. Now is the time to watch a VHS copy of THX 1138 for classes.
In other news, I feel very weird liking Barack Obama as much as I do. I've never felt this way for a politician before. All these confusing feelings, and hormones! Internet people keep telling me that he's bypassed my thinking brain with his word magic, but we don't have any giant differences of policy- well, actually, let's just say that his policies are closer to mine than anybody else who's running except for Kucinich. Poor, sweet Kucinich. Also, as was pointed out by a commenter on Metafilter- there has been a Clinton or Bush in the executive branch for my entire life so far. I'm interested in seeing what other, non-Clinton or Bush people might do with the office.
In any case. The impetus for this is that "Yes We Can" video that's making the rounds, that I'm not going to link here because I can be for a candidate and slightly inspired and maybe even get a little bit of the misty eye but I have my pride damn it. You can find it pretty easily if you're into pretty celebrities talking over good speeches.
STEPS got done this weekend- it actually went really smoothly, we've got a lot of stuff that I'm really excited about publishing. As usual, the brunt of the work fell to Lily, so I really need to bake her a cake that says "WORLDS BEST MANAGING EDITOR."
THIS JUST IN my landlady JUDY BAUM just stopped by. It's pretty great that every time I see her I'm in pajamas of some sort, I guess I should just be glad that I was wearing pants this time. We talked about my lease, extending it until December, which is unusual for Montreal but she seemed to think we could do it. As she left, she said, "You know, you're a good tenant- why should I kick you out?"
It took an amazing amount of personal willpower not to say either, "Well, the meth lab, for one" or "Because I have run this apartment into the fucking ground".

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