Friday, February 01, 2008

Advanced Decrepitude

It's been a Blade Runner week! Meaning that I turned in a paper today on empathy as a motivator in Blade Runner vs. the source novel, PhilKDick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, so for the last few days, when I wasn't thinking about 1950's film, I was thinking about Deckard. Turned it in and trying to do a brainflush:
The new Director's Cut, the one that just came out, is beautiful. Enhanced, whatever, the print is amazing.
In the film, J.F. Sebastian introduces Pris to his little walking dolls with the line, "They're my friends. I made them.", which always makes me think of a conversation in Repo Man, where someone says, "Nice friends, Otto", and Otto replies, "Thanks, I made them myself"
Saddest part of the book is where sociopathic woman-hating bounty hunter Phil Gresch (who, for some reason, I always picture as Ned Schantz) is trying to convince himself that he's not an android, and keeps talking about his pet squirrel, Buffy, and how well she's doing.
Gaff, Edward James Olmos's cityspeaking cop, reminds me for some reason of Chris DeWolf. Maybe because he's so dapper? And speaks Hungarian?

Speaking of Chris!
Today was another day where, on the bus ride home, I get off and walk up the main and acquire things. In this case, socks, tortillas (also refried black and pinto beans, I actually switched to a cheaper brand), a taco and pierogies. I was sitting in the pierogie place, and three hip anglos around my age, maybe a bit older, came in and talked about how often they went there and how great it was, etc. I was sitting there, drinking my coffee, maybe being a bit lonesome and thinking about how I wish I had a group with me, to show them how cool I am, and then, out of the hail (it is hailing outside, size of BBs, I found like an inch of ice in the cuff of my jeans after I got home) comes none other than Chris and Jiajia, who apparently go whenever Jiajia wants soup, even when Chris has important things to do. I actually took the opportunity to check the validity of some stories I've heard (Jiajia was once face-attacked by monkeys while biking with her family; she also lived in a town where everyone rode unicycles, both occuring in Japan). Good fun, although I burned my tongue for the second time today on a hot pierogie. The middle school clique party is tonight, and I haven't the slightest what to go as. I guess "chubby nerd", which has been prettymuch constant in my life. I will take pictures, and post them I will.
Tired. Off to shower in hopes of waking up. Tomorrow is STEPS production day, and I finally finished my short fiction piece on the Pope Lick Monster today. After I edit it, I may put it up.

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