Monday, January 28, 2008


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Tonight, watched some experimental film in preparation for my Canadian cinema class. The sad part was, we started with some really awesome Norman McLaren shorts:

But then we watched some contemporary experimental film, which I found...less interesting. Especially a really long "zombie" film that made the heavyhanded connection that, dude, like, businessmen, capitalists and consumers are TOTALLY just like ZOMBIES, a conclusion that every other zombie movie since Dawn of the Dead apparently DIDN'T GET. Also, presenting a homeless character as a shambling, drooling zombie tends to obviate any sort of revolutionary message you might be trying to present, since the presentation of homeless persons as such is a specifically reactionary trope YOU ASSES.
Sigh, I'm going to the angrydome.

While searching for this sequence which I can't embed (yes I know King Crimson I hate myself too), I happened upon this, which is a pretty good (and academically credentialed!) examination of some of the stuff I really liked about Children of Men:

P.S. Zizek sounds like he's eating a juicy peach at all times.
Finally, Spike Jonze's intro for the new "Fully Flared" skate video:

Which I wish wasn't so EXPLODEY, because Jonze's intro for the "Yeah Right!" skate video is an amazing piece of art that highlights the physicality of skating in a really amazing way:

As Prof. Thain said today, in an oddly candid moment, "Too many good movies to watch, too little time."

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