Monday, January 28, 2008

St. Joseph's Baby Aspirin, Bartles & James

As the pictures should have indicated, yesterday's Jar Party turned out pretty awesome, with jars for everyone and gallons of alcohol for my body to attempt to process. It didn't actually get to all of it before I had to get up for Kristin's brunch, so I ended up being an hour or so late- mainly because I was stumbling everywhere and thinking without any real structure. It's very much how I sometimes think just out of bed, and usually I can blast it out with the shower or coffee. This morning was pretty awful, though, and I had to fight back all the cobwebs in the shower, microwaving some old coffee (couldn't BEGIN to deal with the coffeemaker this morning), piling on my layers and smoking a cigarette on the way over to Kristin's, just repeating her address under my breath until I got there. But it was pretty awesome too, a kitchen filled with homies and soon-to-be homies. Also there were crepes and pancakes and cookies and tea, good god, tea. All stuff I needed, in increments, and good conversations. Big plans were made- it turned out that everyone in attendance had a pretty big love of Douglas Sirk and attendant melodrama, and also dinosaurs? So there is a Melodramatic Dinosaur party in the works, as well as Serge's pajama party.
Afterwards Lily came over to finish off watching Sands of Iwo Jima, a movie that totally failed to make a case for war or killing or actually getting out of bed at any point. The rest of the evening was spent walking around in the cold and losing feeling in my face.
I've been trying to keep up with Louisvilleness through the Bejeezus blogs- you can check those out, but like a lot of blog projects, it looks like there's not a whole lot of updating going on. I've also been reading Erin Keane's blog. Any other good Louisville or Kentucky blogs I should be aware of?

postscript- as I use this blog as a linkdump so that I don't forget about things, this stuff is just really damn awesome.

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