Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Decadent & Depraved

I'm adding Rumplo to the linkies bar, because who DOESN'T like t-shirts?
I'm back in Montreal now, for a few days- I have to go down to New York on Thursday for an internship interview on Friday. I really hope to get this one, although I'm not going to mention it, because Christ knows that I don't need to get to an interview and have them whip out a printout of some blog entry I did where I use the word "fuckshit." Except I guess this journal thing is connected to Facebook, which itself has my name...and has pictures of me at varying degrees of intoxication, etc. Jesus, now I'm all freaked out, going through photos of me on Facebook to see if there's anything incriminating. Nothing yet except the terrible admission that, once, I drank a bottle of Budweiser. Oh, and I used the word "cumcatcher". Jesus Christ.
Speaking of journals, however, I have a huge hankering for this, a neat little five-year diary thing. Because nothing would cheer me up more than flipping through a tiny book about how sad I am and have been for the past five years.
Other bizarre, interesting things I have found/been linked to:

Okay, ignore the stupid bullshit that comes out of their mouths when they're not singing, but you have to admit that the Freak Folk people look like they're having a real fun time, which is more than I can say for myself. I mean, I get that they're ridiculous, but I'd rather be ridiculous than bored so bring it on.

Again, ignore the front page and start peeking around this novel, which is free on the internet but doesn't suck as much as one would assume, given that. It's certainly got more of a sense of humour than Kornwolf, and people think that thing's the Second Coming.
I know I've already mentioned the All's Fair in Love & Chickfactor compilation, which I got when I was, what, 15? 16? And which I listened to religiously. The best track has to be Gilmore Tamny's "Simple & Fragrant", and I decided that I would look into this musician a bit more. Cut to a few hours later, I've basically been internet stalking Gilmore Tamny. There's the Matador interview, where she talks about her band the Yips, who don't even have a bio page on the Matador website anymore.
Short interlude- 1996, jesus h. christ. Nineteen Ninety Six. Do you remember when it was 1996? Say it with me, allow the syllables to drop off your tongue. When I think about past years, I never actually think about what I was doing at the time (probably nothing interesting, I was 10), but what it would be like if I was my current age at that time. Man, that would have been awesome! I wish it was 1996.
ANYWAY. There's also a Chickfactor interview from 1997 (1997 JESUS CHRIST! A year ripe with possibilities!), and some short fiction, and stuff about her 'zine Wiglet and band The Yips. Que interesante, if you're a stalker, like me.
In between those last two sentences, my computer shut down and I got really pissed and sad and took a shower and shaved. So I sort of lost the thread. Sorry.


Sahadeva said...

Glad you like Rumplo Mark! We're stoked that we'll be in your linkies bar : )

Rock on.

Mary Tramdack said...

I realize this is a blog and all, but three mentions of being sad in about 500 words = *C*H*E*E*R* *U*P*!!!!!!1

Josef Assad said...

I understand the first chapter of The Banjo Players Must Die didn't really work for a lot of people, but it's good you liked it.

It just rounded 10K downloads in the 6 months since I released it, so I might just go all lulu.


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